When it comes to tequila, the term Herradura is virtually inseparable from notions of quality and history. This Mexican distillery has a long and illustrious history, extending back to 1870, and it is responsible for producing some of the best tequilas in the entire world. On the other hand, some copycat goods and products are sold in the market just like there are for every big brand. The following is an extensive guide on purchasing authentic Herradura Tequila, which you may use to make certain that you are drinking the real deal:

Check The Label And Packaging

The first step in identifying genuine Herradura Tequila is to carefully examine the label and packaging. Herradura takes great pride in its presentation. Look for a clear, crisp label with high-quality printing. The Herradura logo, featuring a horseshoe, should be prominently displayed. Pay close attention to details such as fonts, colors, and holographic elements. Counterfeit products often have blurry labels or misspelled words.

Beware Of Extremely Low Prices

If the herradura tequila price looks absurdly low, you should usually steer clear of it. Products that have been tampered with are frequently offered for sale at rates that are noticeably less expensive than those of their authentic counterparts. Always use extreme caution whenever you come across deeply discounted items or “special offers.” Authentic Herradura Tequila is a luxury product, and the price that you pay for it should reflect the quality of the product.

Verify The NOM (Norma Oficial Mexicana) Number

On the bottle of every authentic bottle of tequila, there should be a number that begins with NOM. The tequila’s validity and country of origin may be verified thanks to the NOM number, which is an official seal issued by the Mexican government. In most cases, the NOM number for Herradura Tequila will begin with the digit 1114. Check to see if the number agrees with the records that are officially kept for Herradura.

Buy From Reputable Retailers

To minimize the risk of purchasing counterfeit Herradura Tequila, it’s advisable to buy from well-established and reputable retailers. Look for liquor stores, supermarkets, or online platforms with a history of selling genuine tequila products. Avoid purchasing from street vendors or unverified online sellers, as these sources are more likely to carry counterfeit goods.

Examine The Bottle And Closure

Herradura in its purest form Tequila bottles are widely recognized for their one-of-a-kind aesthetic. They frequently come packaged in a one-of-a-kind bottle that has the form of an attractive squat. Verify that the Herradura emblem is imprinted on the glass, and check to see if the bottle cap or cork closure is of high quality. Fake tequilas may feature bottles that are of poor quality or closures that appear to be of low quality.

Research The Seller And Product History

Take the time to learn as much as you can about the vendor as well as the Herradura Tequila product that you’re interested in buying before you make a purchase. Check online for ratings and comments left by previous customers. Authentic Herradura merchandise will have a stellar track record and a proven history of maintaining a high level of quality throughout its existence.

Check The Importer Information

Brown-Forman is frequently mentioned as the importer on the back label of Herradura Tequila bottles. This information may be found on the bottle itself. Check to see if the name of the importer matches the name of the official importer of Herradura Tequila in your area. Products that have been counterfeited might contain inaccurate importer details.


When it comes to buying genuine Herradura Tequila, diligence is key. By carefully inspecting the label and packaging, verifying the NOM number, choosing reputable retailers, examining the bottle and closure, being cautious of extremely low prices, researching the seller and product history, and checking the importer information, you can confidently enjoy the authentic taste of this iconic Mexican tequila. Herradura’s commitment to quality and tradition makes every sip of their tequila a memorable experience, and following these steps ensures you’re getting the real Herradura deal.

By Evelynn

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